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Experience The Extraordinary.

Every remarkable journey begins with a vision.

Our journey began with the aspiration of being the best in the world of residence and citizenship by investment.

Our ambition is to make Grand Harbour Exclusive, an advisory firm like no other, and to redefine it time and again. To be catalysts to the world's desire for global mobility and craft experiences that people will never forget. To conjure strategies that secure futures, and to be the pioneers of excellence in Investment Migration, now and forevermore.

Grand Harbour Exclusive. Experience The Extraordinary.

Residence And Citizenship In Malta

Our specialist team will tailor one of the several residence or citizenship solutions that Malta has to offer.

  • Permanent Residence In Malta

    An English-speaking, business and financial hub, complemented by impeccable weather and lifestyle. It is easy to see why Malta is the most popular permanent residence option in the European Union.


  • Citizenship By Investment In Malta

    Apart From The Charms Of Malta, The Malta Citizenship By Investment Program Opens Doors to a World of Possibilities. Enjoying Increased Ease of Travel, A Thriving Business Environment, and A Stable And Secure Environment.


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The Team

Learn more about the team behind the Grand Harbour Exclusive.

    (Partner, Legal)

    Chairperson for the Maltese Turkish Business Council, a mentor for Turkish Female Entrepreneurs, and a member of the Istanbul Bar association, Ezgi is a seasoned consultant specialising in international business, foreign direct investment, international trade & wealth planning. She has helped several Non-Eu clients with cross-border business setups, project financing, and family relocation to Europe.

    (Partner, Director of Investments)

    Kor Kurt Akin is a seasoned leader in the real estate sector, known for his successful execution of large-scale international construction projects. His expertise and strategic vision have made him a respected figure in the industry. In addition to his accomplishments in real estate, Kurt is an active investor in the renewable energy sector. With a portfolio of significant projects across Europe, Kurt's influence extends to both the real estate and renewable energy sectors.

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